Rummy is one of the most famous card games in India. It has gained its popularity mainly because it is considered a “game of skill and not a game of luck”. In 2015, the Supreme Court of India declared “games of skill” like Rummy, in both offline and online mode, as completely legal. Due to a busy schedule, many do not have the time to play Rummy with friends or families, sitting at someone’s house over music and snacks. Thus, the need for an engaging and safe online rummy app arises so that everyone can play Rummy remotely whenever they want.


If you are looking for the best online platform to play Rummy, then Rummy Dangal is your destination. It is an online gaming platform designed by XETA GAMING Pvt. Ltd. It provides you with a fun and fulfilling experience of playing Rummy. Let’s see what perks Rummy Dangal provides its customers with.



You can now experience the game of Rummy directly from your mobile phone.


Advantages of Rummy Dangal

Rummy Dangal is the safest and most satisfactory online rummy platform you will come across. This gaming platform has several variants of Rummy for you to explore. Digital card gaming platforms are still not appreciated by many due to the fear of fraud. But don’t worry. Rummy Dangal is a genuine and safe app that follows all the ethics for responsible gaming. Everyone wants to have the same experience on online gaming platforms as they had offline.


Rummy Dangal provides such a real experience that you will not miss the offline experience. It offers you a thrill, excitement, challenges, impressive prizes and a good usage of your time. You will enjoy amazing 2D and 3D graphics, eye-catching Royale Player Avatars, terrific cash prizes, and weekly and monthly promotions.


There are rummy tournaments for players in which they can participate and win amazing cash prizes. Players would prefer playing at their suitable time, which is why this app has round-the-cloud matches, which the players can play at any time of the day. The best feature of this constant round-the-clock system is that players can play multiple matches simultaneously. Thus, there are several gaming tables hosting cash matches and tournaments simultaneously. All of this adds to the profit of the customer.


Rummy Dangal provides a multiplayer gaming environment. It allows you to pick the rummy variant of your choice and the tournament you want to play in, too, with added player security and privacy. This platform focuses on ethical gaming standards. It is PCI DSS compliant. It ensures reliability and guarantee. For money transactions, only secure and trusted gateways are used, and importance is given to user privacy.


Rummy Variants on Rummy Dangal

The different Indian rummy variants you will find on Rummy Dangal are-


1.   Strikes Rummy

This is the fastest Rummy variant. A monetary value is pre-attached to the points, and players aim for those points. The players get a chance to win a good amount of money within a short time. This variant involves only one deal, and the player who wins the deal wins the game and the money. The value of the winning prize is calculated from the scores of the other players and the monetary value that the points hold.


2.   Pools Rummy

It is the most basic version of Rummy. Players aim to have the lowest score in each game. This variant has no fixed number of deals, and the players face elimination if they reach a specified number of points(usually 101 or 201 points). The game is continued till all players are eliminated, and the last person surviving is the winner. There is a fixed entry fee each player has to pay to play this game. The prize money is the total of all the entry fees paid by the players.


3.   Deals Rummy

It is played with a fixed number of deals. At the end of all deals, the player with the lowest points wins. The number of deals played is, in general, 2, 3 and 6. Each player has to pay a fixed entry fee, and the prize money is the total of it.


4.   Rummy Tournaments

Those who have a knack for competitions can put their names up for Rummy tournaments too. There are multiplayer and multilevel tournaments. Rummy tournaments can be of various types like cash tournaments, loyalty tournaments, free roll tournaments, promotional tournaments and many more.


Player Protection

Rummy Dangal ensures player protection by using some world-class technologies as follows-


  1. Artificial Intelligence: This feature ensures that the player does not miss out on the game in case of internet disconnections during a game.
  2. Auto Play: This feature gets active in cases of Internet disconnection in the middle of a game.
  3. Smart Correction: The feature gets enabled when the player places a wrong or invalid show even after having the correct combinations and sets of cards.
  4. Inteli Safe: This feature is exclusive to Rummy Dangal. It allows them to shift from one device to another swiftly in the middle of a game and then continue playing the game on the second device.


All these varied and fascinating features make Rummy Dangal one of the most desired online Rummy apps in India. It helps you to polish your skills by providing you with challenges and competitive games and also gives you incredible cash prizes. So, you must choose Rummy Dangal to play Rummy.

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