There is a modern industrialization happening right now in the world of technology. The same revolution is happening to stoves to, which are some of the most important kitchen appliances that we people need. When you search the Internet for different models of stoves, you will find out that there are they have many features that usually come with a relatively high price. But there is a stove which offers many features for an affordable price.

Thermador MASTERPIECE MEMC301EB is a perfect stove with stainless steel and has double ovens powered by gas. It is capable of heating and baking many things at the same time and also has 16 cooking modes such as EasyCook which offers twenty recipes that will be very useful to you. It can heat very rapidly and also has an integrated microwave, which is not that common amongst other stoves. It has a Speed Convection mode which reduces the time needed for cooking with frozen foods. Thermador MASTERPIECE has a very powerful, unique design and glass touch control which make cooking very easy. The stove has built-in memory which can be used to store your favorite recipes. In addition, this masterpiece model also has the integrated function of self-cleaning which cleans the stove crystal clear in a very short time.

The stove can bake, roast, broil, do quick preheat and many other functions. It is moderately small with dimensions reaching 30 inches in width, 50 inches in height and 24 inches in depth. To conclude, this stove is a gas double oven with many features including cooking many things at the same time, storing recipes, self-cleanable in a short time, unique design and so on. However, you might hesitate to buy this model when it comes to the price but don’t because it’s worth it. The price usually reaches $3,600 but can often be found cheaper at Thermador’s authorized distributors and on the Internet. faber cooktop 4 burner

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